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The Retired Police, Firefighters & Prison Guards of the Metropolitan area of Philadelphia, unite to encourage fraternal, charitable, and social activities among the retired and active members of the police, firefighters and prison guards, and to promote the general welfare and pension legislation, using every legal and ethical means available, ensuring fidelity / duty / performance under all conditions and to cultivate a spirit of fraternalism and mutual helpfulness among its members.

The Retired Police, Fire & Prison Guards Association is one of the largest public safety organizations in the Philadelphia Region. The membership consists of retired and active police officers, firefighters and prison guards. Associate membership is open for all other persons. The organization is the eyes and ears for the retired public safety officers in Philadelphia. We publish a quarterly publication the "News Shield" that is sent out to the memberships with various past & present articles and news on pension information. This organization is a must for the retired public safety officer!